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Problems with Sprite.Draw

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Hello everybody!


I have encountered a new obstacle when porting from XNA to DirectX 9. I have replaced SpriteBatch with Sprite and I'm using the Draw method (http://sharpdx.org/documentation/api/m-sharpdx-direct3d9-sprite-draw-1).


The problem is that I need to align a source rectangle from a texture to a destination rectangle in the current render target. If the source and destination rectangle have different dimensions, the texture should get stretched.


But I was not able to make the Transform property behave correctly. If scaling is involved, I can't get the right translation. Does anybody know how to use the Sprite class to precisely position and stretch a source texture to a destination rectangle? Something that behaves like StrechDraw I think.


Thank you!

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I have found a solution of some-sort, bypassing the Sprite class entirely, something like:

float px = 2.0f / Enjin.Width;
float py = 2.0f / Enjin.Height;
AdjustFSQuad(fsQuad, 100 * px, 100 * py, 200 * px, 200 * py, 0.5f / Enjin.Width, 0.5f / Enjin.Height);

I am drawing a fullscreen quad, but I am substracting the left, top, right and bottom values multiplied by the pixel size. These are the parameters 2 though 5. 6 and 7 are the half pixel offset because I am sampling the texture in the shader under DirectX 9. I'm not 100% sure that this is needed here.


Now I need to update this method to allow me to render only a source rectangle from the texture...

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