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Saving files with std::ofstream checking if filename alredy exists to prompt "Are you sure you want to overwrite"

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Sorry for post i sould google after first page, found it imedietelly.



Currently i am making mapeditor.

At point where a user presses "Save map" he is prompted to enter a name for the map.

After he is done entering the map name i want to check if the filename alredy exists, in case it alredy exists i want to prompt to user a overwrite command that there is a file with that name already, or allow him to retype the name.

The issue is i do not know how to check if file exists i only know how to open and write to it.

//FOLDER with maps
void Map::SaveMap(int mapID)
    const std::string fileName(glob::MAP_MAP_DIRECTORY + std::to_string(mapID) + ".txt");
    std::ofstream OFStream(fileName);
        glob::PrintError("Error at Map::Save error opening map file to save map, file issued to open: " + fileName);

For solution:

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Please do not mark posts as "solved".

Thank you for doing it instead of me.

Can you link me to a page with rules or so, i do not want to make accidents like this.

Tried searching for it and googling something like " topic rules" on my end gave me just topics unrelated to rules.

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