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Android NDK touch coordinates

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Hey guys, I have a question.


I'm currently trying to get touch to work on Android using the NDK with the android_native_app_glue. 


When I get a touch event, the coordinates seem to be divided by two. So what should be 1100 on the x is being returned as 550.

I've tried multiplying the getPrecision functions on to the returned value from AMotionEvent_getRawX and it's still the same.

Anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing it?


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That's actually interesting, it was based on what the initial size of the screen that I was given by the device. I honestly have no idea what the resolution should be. All I know is that when I create a screen and resize it to be 1920x1080, my coordinates are coming in 550. Here's a print of what my touch information is:








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Okay, after a fair bit of searching; the issue is that the screen was using density pixels, (dp), which are a relative coordinate. If you add this line to your manifest: 

	<supports-screens android:anyDensity="true" />

Then it will no longer apply the DPI conversion and your touch coordinates will come in a screen pixels.

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