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Project Labyrinth

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Labyrinth is a 3D first person puzzle / exploration game being developed for PC`s. using UDK (Unreal Development Kit).
The game, as the project title pertains to, will be set in a vast maze complex using Victorian walled garden with neo classical influenced aesthetics. The maze will have different themed zones using other aesthetic influences from that era.

Although I have not developed any sort of story or any actual gameplay mechanic the game will be about the player trying to find their way out of the maze, and as the player moves through the maze trying to find the way out they will encounter areas that contain puzzles or clues that are needed to be solved in order to unlock other areas of the maze. A story will eventually surround that gameplay mechanic and the puzzles and clues will be relevant to the story. The player will also get the opportunity to have different outcomes to the story depending on which route they have taken through the Labyrinth.

I plan to have the game fully complete and ready for distribution by 2015, so plan to spend the next year working hard at getting it just right. The final game will be completely free to download and play.

A Little About Me & The Project in General.

My background is with graphics mostly, I've done general graphic design, dabbled many times with web design, and other areas of graphics, however this is my first proper / serious attempt at trying to make a game. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that cant code, or work with scripts at any useful level, so I will eventually have to get some help with that aspect of things if I want to make this game as interesting to play as possible. I'm ok with other aspects of the project such as creating game assets, sound and music, though help in these areas would also be great. I am prepared to work on this project totally alone with no external help but I don't see any reason why other people cant get involved, so this project might end up being a team effort.

I am also very much still in the learning process with UDK so pretty much everything I am going to have to learn as I go along, because of this the development of the project might hit slow periods while I learn how to do something that has key importance to the project. In other words the project is a casual, no-rush, learn at my own pace project, and this is why I gave the general completion date of 2015.

This is not a commercial project in anyway. I'm simply using this project as a learning experience, and whatever comes from that learning experience I will share completely free with others. I am also not using this project to promote anything commercial, however may use logos such as the UDK editor logo , and various social networking sites. The Fractalscapes Media logo is not pertaining to any commercial company or product, but is rather a general studio name / developer title.

I have decided to keep a project diary, and will post progress as things develop, I wont post anything at a later stage that might spoil anything like revealing the whole maze from afar, and as the release date nears I shall post less and less, as to keep a significant amount of the content of the game secret so when people do play it its fresh for them.

Well that's about it for now at this early stage, so please keep on eye on this site for announcements and progress updates on the project.



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Depending on the puzzles, this may become an interesting game. Keep on going ...


I just have read your initial blog post on fractalscape.net, and found your statement about programming. Well, a puzzle game without programming … will not be possible, I think. However, "programming" with Kismet isn't that difficult, and there are some (video) tutorials out there. For example, there is 3DBuzz's tutorial showing how to make a sliding door, what comes already close to some of your needs:



There is of course also an introduction to Kismet in another tutorial. Simply enter "3dbuzz kismet" into youtube's search panel, and you'll get all you need ;)


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