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DX11 Setting up VS2012 with Directx11 (multiple projects)

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So this is something that is asked alot 

All the tutorials and all the responses say the same.

1: Add include path to "Configurations -> VC++ Directores -> Include Directories"
2: Add lib include path to "Configurations -> VC++ Directores -> Library Directories"
3: Add what libs you are intressted in to "Configurations -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies"
It works just great when i only have 1 project in my solution.
But i just cant get it to work for a solution that holds multiple projects.
This is what i have tried:
1: Do the steps for the project that holds my directx 11 code (only 2 files at the moment)
2: Do the steps for each project in my solution (4 projects)
3: Do the steps for the startup project of the solution
The result i keep getting is either "cannot open include file: d3dx11.h" or "unresolved reference CreateDXGIFactory" 
I am using the June 2010 SDK if that can help.
Im clearly missing something. I just dont know what.

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You should do steps #1, #2, #3 only for projects that use DirectX. "d3dx11.h" error happens when include paths aren't correct, "CreateDXGIFactory" error happens because you didn't link all required libraries; MSDN says you need "DXGI.lib".

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