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Instanced font rendering lib

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I made a font rendering library originally based on Shikoba.


It uses one texture, one vao, 5 vbos, and one draw call to draw text.
A screen full of text performs around 1ms on my PC (A8-4500m apu, 64 bit Xubuntu 12.04, composition disabled). Same performance on Win7 64 bit.


get it here (MIT licence):



easy usage:

//load in the shaders with your method, get_shader() gives you a ref to the shader program
load_shader( font::get().get_shader(), GL_VERTEX_SHADER, "../shaders/font/font.vs" );
load_shader( font::get().get_shader(), GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER, "../shaders/font/font.ps" );

uvec2 screen = uvec2( 1280, 720 );

font_inst instance; //this holds your font type and the corresponding sizes
font::get().resize( screen ); //set screen size
font::get().load_font( "../resources/font.ttf", //where your font is
                       instance, //font will load your font into this instance
                       22 ); //the font size

vec3 color = vec3( 0.5, 0.8, 0.5 ); //rgb [0...1]
uvec2 pos = uvec2( 10, 20 ); //in pixels

std::wstring text = L"hello world\n"; //what to display

while(true) //your ordinary rendering loop
//optionally bind fbo here to render to texture
font::get().add_to_text( instance, text + L"_" ); //feed the font
font::get().render( instance, color, pos );


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