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[Android][Free] Smart defender RTS

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Hi everybody !

Today I want to introduce to you my game 

some creens : 
96735d1387030342t-free-game-smart-defend 96736d1387030354t-free-game-smart-defend

Genre: action / reflection
Technology: C++, game based on my own 3D engine (openglES 1.1 and +)
Platform: Android, PC
Description: 3D Tower defense/RTS, inspired on Warcraft III
Smart Defender is a real-time strategy game and a tower defense survival which combines action and reflex
The game is based on a mode Kodo tag created on the RTS Warcraft 3 of Blizzard, With graphisms in steampunk style / medieval fantasy
You will have to survive in this dark world. To defend yourself, you will have to build your own fortress

Download :
You can download Smart defender on the Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smart.defender
I hope you like it and I'd appreciate any comments or critique.

Thanks !

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wow a lot of downloads already. I was gonna download and rate on all my phones( i have like 5 cause I develop for android too) to help you out but it looks like you got plenty of downloads already. I'll still do it so I can give you some good ratings, I know how ahrd it is getting noticed with a new game on the mobile market. Wanna give me some advice on how you got so many downloads already, it'll come in handy in a few months when I release my game on android. did you buy the downloads? if so how did it workout owuld you recommend that strategy to other independent developers?


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HI Moe091, thanks for your support, ratings are always welcome wink.png. It's been a while since SmartDefender has been published, that's why he has some downloads.

Unfortunately the game does not know a lot of success.





I know how ahrd it is getting noticed

So true, without money it's hard to promote an app on the google play...



did you buy the downloads? if so how did it workout owuld you recommend that strategy to other independent developers?

Nop, i'm still a student, and i can't spend my money for this kind of promoting. Even though i developped a android app. I don't have lot of tips to promote an app.

But for me what is most important is the presentation page of your application, which should make me want to download your application.

You have to find the right keywords for the description. Make a youtube video, create a twitter, facebook and share it on forums.


I hope to have helped you, if you have other questions, don't hesitate



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Thanks a lot for the advice, ill be sure to put a lot of thought into my presentation page and keywords. Im also a student without much money to spend(although I considered spending up to $1000 of my savings and hoping that I earn it back, I dont know if thatdbe smart though because thats almost all my money and it might not be successful anyway) so its good to see that you still managed to get a lot of people playing your game. I will probably release my whole base game for free just so I could get morw players and feedback for my game, and ill probably throw in some bonus levels(aside from the main storyline levels) and gimicky stuff like different player graphics and a remove ads purchase as in app purchases to maybe make some extra pocket money, id be happy if I made $100 total off of it.

Anyway sorry for using this post as an excuse to talk about my game lol. Good luck and great job on smart defender, I'm impressed that it was made by a student(makes me feel less special about my progress on my game haha). Did you do everything yourself or did you work with an artist or anything?

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New Update,
My exams are over, so I took again the development of this game 
I changed the majority of graphics in order to have a nicer render. 
Some pictures: 
New characters:
workerpose2largeZ37x0.png workerpose01largerKV4h.png
warriorpose01large8T4Ja.png 7661133large.png
1389915253-untitled0.png 1389915252-untitled2.png
1389915253-untitled3.png 1389915252-untitled4.png
I hope you will enjoy.
Let me think what you think about this game !
thank you

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