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Data structures for map and game objects

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I am programming a turn based strategy game in Free Pascal.


The map is composed of cells grouped into provinces. But unlike other games, each land cell is inhabited and could have industries and produce resources.


For the first version I simply created a MapCell class :

TMapCell = class
//terrain type
fTerrainType : byte;
fResources : array[0..2] of TResource;
//number of idle citizens
fIdleCitizens : integer;
//industries (buildings)
fActivities : TList;
fPlayer : TPlayer;
//province identifier
fProvince : TProvince
fHasCity : boolean;
fArmies : TList;
fVisible : boolean;

The map is simply a 2D array of map cells, displayed with a 2.5D isometric view.


To display the map I would loop through the array.


But I read a few articles and I am wondering if it is the right way to do.




Maybe I should separate graphics (terrain, transitions...) and gameplay data (population, industries, buildings...). The map would be composed of several arrays (on for each layer).


Thank you for your opinions and advice.


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I think there's nothing wrong with your design: it's quite useful to have all needed data of a cell in a single place. Maybe you can consider to move from that data structure all not static stuff... for example, if Armies are something that moves along the cells it can be better to remove them from the mapcell and put in a separate array, with the reference to the current cell as a simple position.

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