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Supernatural Crime Visual Novel Overview

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Rating: 15+
Genre: Supernatural/Crime/Drama
Engine: Ren’py
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Theme: What are humans capable of when pushed into a corner?



A mid-size city situated on an island somewhere off the Southeast coast of the United States. Owing to a large cliff on the northwestern side, the city is often referred to as Worn Edge amongst locals. In actuality, it is an offshoot of a much larger mainland city. Over time, it has grown into a cultural hub and thus come to be thought of as a city in its own right. This, coupled with the appeal of its unique history, has led to a steady growth in population. Its relative seclusion has also proven attractive to a certain sector of the populous. There is something of a rivalry between the citizens of Worn Edge and the mainlanders.



Seemingly out of nowhere, a slew of bizarre crimes rocks the foundations of what is, on the surface, a relatively peaceful city. Of all the lives affected, perhaps none are more so uprooted than those of three particular individuals, all of whom have their sights set on the perpetrator of these crimes. Dubbed “Fracture” by the media, the elusive criminal soon becomes wanted for everything from burglary to grand arson, and when rumors begin to spread of his ability to disappear at will and move objects with his mind, widespread panic ensues. Who is this mysterious criminal? Where did he come from? What does he want? The citizens of Worn Edge fear that their beloved city may never recover.




Eric d’Colore
Alias: Fracture
Age: 24
Background: Orphaned at a young age, Eric spent several unsatisfactory years in the foster care system before running away at the age of 14. Completely unprepared for life on his own, Eric’s next few years were spent just barely surviving on the streets, sustaining himself through thievery and deception. His only real goal was to discover who his parents were and thus any remaining family members he might have. He dreamed of traveling the world once he’d managed that, the streets and buildings of Worn Edge only serving as a constant reminder of his heretofore wasted life. A freak accident brought all of Eric’s plans to an abrupt and permanent halt with an almost complete loss of vision in both eyes. Fearing he had nothing left to live for, Eric managed with great effort to make his way to the cliffs of Worn Edge. Just as he was contemplating throwing himself into the treacherous waters below, a voice called to him…
In-Game: On that fateful day, Eric discovered a mask possessed by an ancient spirit. The spirit promised him many things, not the least of which was the reacquirement of his vision for as long as he wore the mask and continued to follow its instructions. “Its instructions”, as it turned out, were a series of intricately planned crimes with no discernable connection. Eric had never considered himself a saint, so the chance of obtaining everything he’d ever wanted was well worth the price of living a double life. In time, he even began to enjoy the excitement of it all, the notoriety after being an unknown for so long. It isn’t until later on that he begins to have second thoughts…

The Mask
Possessed by an ancient spirit with a mysterious agenda, the mask is capable of assuming a wide variety of shapes and forms and provides its wearer with a veritable arsenal of supernatural abilities.
**Note: Backstory not yet fully developed.

Detective Roane Kasik
Age: 35
Background: Born into a family with a long and disappointing history of police and detective work, Roane joined the force with a fierce determination to renew his family’s long-tarnished honor. While his methods are often questionable, his results are beyond reproach. Rumors abound of the higher-ups turning a blind eye, but nothing that can be proven. Over the years, Roane has developed a bit of a drinking problem. He also harbors a superstition that he is destined to die on the job just as several of his family members have in the past.
In-Game: Roane is the head of S.A.F.R. --Special Assignment First Response --, the task force responsible for the apprehension of Fracture. He believes that he alone must be the one to bring Fracture down and has taken steps to ensure that no one but those he approves are allowed involvement with the case. Fracture considers Roane his greatest adversary, as no one else has managed to even come close to capturing him. Roane also possesses the rare quality of experiencing no intimidation in Fracture’s presence.

Mason Michaels
Age: 21
Background: A recent graduate of journalism despite pressure and disapproval from his parents, Mason has since been unsuccessfully attempting to secure a position in the industry. Not, as it stands, because the jobs do not exist, but because he has no interest in the sorts of stories being reported. Mason eventually decides to try his hand at freelance journalism, but gives up on that as well following a slew of rejections. Disgruntled, Mason begins gathering all of his material into an online newspaper of his own design; over time, his dubious talent for being in the right place at the right time garners the paper moderate success. This is not good enough for him, however. Mason has vowed that he will not be satisfied until his paper overshadows the ever-popular local powerhouse “The Edge”.
In-Game: After bearing witness to one of Fracture’s many crimes, Mason becomes convinced that if he can manage to scope out the nature of Fracture’s abilities and the truth behind his identity before any of the major news publishers manage to, his own paper’s position will be guaranteed. His determination swiftly develops into obsession, and it isn’t long before Mason begins committing crimes of his own in a desperate attempt to get his scoop.

Variety Greyson
Age: 27
Mini Summary: There are undoubtedly few who value the doctrine "the end justifies the means" more wholeheartedly than Variety Greyson. A chance encounter with Fracture unexpectedly leads to Variety's dubious and long-buried past being pushed abruptly to the fore, and she blames him unfalteringly for the downward spiral of everything she'd worked so hard to accomplish. She will never forgive him. Never forgive him. Never.
**Note: I am not completely satisfied with Variety's backstory as is, so I omitted it.

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