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Spartanx Maya Blender

My Model

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I see a lot of enthusiasm with giving shape to many things. smile.png


Some things I notice:


Remember to check your model in every direction even if you work mainly with one view. Do this by making use of Blenders keypad shortcuts: 7 for top view, 1 for front view and 3 for side view. Keypad 5 toggles between perspective and orthographic modes, both are important. Ortho for technical inspection: are things in line / out of line as they should. Perspective for artistic: are the masses and proportions in order.


I can tell you use subsurf modifier a lot in organic modeling. That is OK and even mandatory in most cases but remember to disable the modifier every once in a while and check your model without it. Most of the errors you get with subsurf modifier you can actually fix easiest by disabling the modifier then making it look better and re-enabling the modifier. A model that looks unclean/rough without subsurf will look unclean/rough with subsurf!


But for (optimal) game use it is mandatory to freeze your subsurf sooner or later. That is because subsurf always creates 4x the polycount you can actually use to define your model. In other words with subsurf the 3/4ths of the polygons go into smoothing and that is not optimal. Good real time models make use of every polygon to show smaller definition such as muscles and creases.


Not all edges are supposed to be smooth even in organic models. The last thing you want to make with real time models is add creasing with another edge loop. You should check the Edge Split modifier and sharp edges (universally called smoothing groups) which will help you make your model look as intended with smaller polycount. Also check edge crease tool for reflecting edge roundness better with subsurf modifier.


Keep up with it, the world needs more 3D modelers smile.png

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