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Looking for a game engine.

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Hi everyone biggrin.png


I'll get straight to the point, not to waste space - imagine Homeworld and EveOnline lovechild smile.png MMO + RTS in full 3d.


No multiplatform required.

Full 3d movement, not just camera rotation in 3d.

No super advanced physics required. Simple pseudo-newtonian will do.

No super gfx required (don't need Half Life 3 looks - simple homeworld 1/2 looks will be sufficient).

Would be nice to require as little coding knowledge as possible. 

Would be nice to have a demo, be free, open source etc. to try it out if it suits my needs.

Would be nice if it had built in MMO capabilities (I assume that handles "savegames" and world interactions)

Can be a newest or an oldest engine out there.



And yeah, I'm new biggrin.png

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Do you realise what an mmo is. Have you programmed before. Do you know how to use a modelling software. I know i want to create large open world games but possible never an mmo and even that needs programming.

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Have you looked at Unity? it's one of the easiest 3D engines to get into and is cabable of a great deal.

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