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Question about Blender and Gimp

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darkcreeder    123


Do you know of any tutorials that focus on getting a character model ready to put in a game?


You could use Mixamo:


Or you could use Iclone:


Each has costs and such, but requires less knowledge of 3d modeling and such just to get started with models. 



Both look interesting. Do you recommend one over the other?


The Blender community has tons of tutorials and so does YouTube. There are plenty of third party communities and tutorials that cover Blender, even in some obscure websites.


Is what I'm referring to called rigging?

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3Ddreamer    3826

Rigging usually refers to making virtual bones of a character, adding flesh to them so the bones and the rest of the character move together, and making animations - the "bones" move a certain way. There are many tutorials on this sort of thing.

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