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I strongly recommend that you start with the three stickies at the top of the AI forum section. That should serve as an excellent starting point for your AI education. Right now It doesn't seem like you have enough knowledge about AI to start asking questions yet. 


You'll make it a lot further in game development (and the gamedev community) if you do some learning on your own, try to tackle some problems on your own, and ask specific questions when you hit a stumbling block. Please take this as constructive criticism and not as an attack.


Your post is all over the map here.

  • Can AI do this?
  • What about that?
  • Is it hard?
  • Oh, and I'm not coding something like this yet, I'm just curious.


I don't think people could answer your questions in any meaningful sense.

  • Yes, you can do the things your asking.
  • Some of them will be harder than others.
  • Some of them will take a decent amount of complex code.


- Eck

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