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Hello I need help finding resources with Monogame. I know it is like xna but is there a dedicated resource out there, please let me know.

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I would second the RB Whitaker tutorials.


One thing to note if you're following his tutorials and end up going with Visual Studio as an IDE. The installation instructions on MonoGame templates are somewhat incorrect and there are some out of sync bits.


UPDATE: It looks like he updated his site and presented the information in a format nicer than mine. He even made a script to automate things.


 I've put together some updates to that here that got me running which were pieced together from various sources. I emailed them to RB recently and he's tried them successfully as well, so hopefully the tutorials get updated with this (at the very least the VS 2013 MonoGame installation bits, because you don't get the templates normally at this date and he is recommending that version in his tuts).

If you're needing XNA for its content pipeline (MonoGame hasn't finished its own yet) you can install its extensions to the same IDE with the following.



Also, even though it isn't MonoGame specific I would recommend taking a look at the following course for XNA development. You should be able to copypasta most of the info 1:1 into MonoGame projects.


I've also just started to get rolling with MonoGame, so I'll probably be investigating the same issues around roughly the same timeframe as you if you have more questions.

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