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Exporting maps from Tiled into Allegro 4.2

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ISDCaptain01    1496

I tried out Tiled, and I must say I like it much more than Mappy.
But the problem is how do I export a map made in Tiled into Allegro 4.2?

Ive been using mappy and all I have had to do is call a function to load the fmp file mappy produces

and its instantly in my game. What do I do for Tiled when I want to load in a map and draw the map to screen?

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rpiller    839

It's been awhile since I've used allegro but if it doesn't have direct support for that map format, then I would say you need to open the Tiled file and read in the format yourself and figure out what to do yourself. The Tiled format should have all the information you need to load the resources the map needs and where to display the tiles. I'm also guessing somewhere on the Tiled website it talks about it's file format so you know how to read it in.


You can possibly ask on the allegro forums if someone has already done this and will share it. If not, and you do it, then it would be kind of you to share it.

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