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Real life in online game

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Would you play browser based online game like this:

There is number of cities and each player selects one(but can travel and change city in future if want)

Each player can work for other player or create own company and produce goods or cooperate with others and create corporation.

Each month there is elections of mayor of city and city council.

There is PvP fights with other players and PvE with gangsters. All fights are in automatic way and player watch mini cartoon of battle.

Sport competitions between players, each competition is like mini game.

Quests, events.

Players can buy apartments or villas and buy furniture for them

Competition between cities- players work together to make their city bigger, richer and better that other cities. 




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I played outside once...the graphics were great, but the gameplay needed work.

the no monthly fees is a gimmick, you get lowest tier service, worse connection's, and are locked out of some of the best environments if you don't pay for it. and let's not get started on the shear level of micro-transactions in the game.

@on-topic: isn't second-life kindof like this?

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The difference with others is that is browser based- no need to for good PC, and there is no need to know how to create items and etc like in SL

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