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In the Deep - FREE ... FOREVER!

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I want to be totally supportive to your cause, but the countless language mistakes in that card is stopping me.. Please don't show that to any more people before correcting it.. Just so many mistakes...


Other than that, good work, wish you the best luck :)

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The card looks nice, but yes, language errors.  If you want to correct it, allow me.



Xmas is here!

A great occasion to give presents to everyone.


We decided to give you In The Deep for free!

No advertisements, no offers, no in-app purchases - FOREVER!


If you like the game, just let your friends know about it.

We are very pleased to receive your support and your likes.


Happy Holidays,

Team Narrow Street Games


It still reads a little funny, but I expect people would be more responsive if you made some of those corrections.

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