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Invalid values from VS

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bmarci    786


I'm trying to draw screen aligned quad with pre-transformed vertices and DrawPrimitiveUP.

Some weird is happening to the output values of the vertex shader:


Here are some samples:


The buffer consist of 4 vertices (screen corners) in the following format:

struct TVertex {
    float pos[3];
    float rhw;
    float uv[2];

The pos.xy are set to the screen corners, the pos.z is 0 and the rhw is 1. The UV members are 0,0/1,0/1,1/0,1

And drawing a trianglefan.


The vertex declaration is as follows:

const D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 dcl[]={

And a very simple shader to make the situation clear:

struct VSIn 
  float4 pos: POSITION;
  float2 uv: TEXCOORD;

struct VSOut {
  float4 pos: SV_POSITION;
  float4 spec: TEXCOORD0;

VSOut VSMain(VSIn input) {
  VSOut output;

  return output;

float4 PSMain(VSOut input): SV_TARGET {
  return input.spec;

I'd expect the whole screen to be white, but it's not!

It looks like the corners get these "spec" values:   (0,0,0,1) (1,0,0,1) (1,1,0,1) (0,1,0,1)


If I use a different register,

float4 spec: TEXCOORD1;

The whole screen is black, the input.spec value is (0,0,0,1)


The same shader works fine with "normal" projected transformation, but not with pre-transformed vertices.


What do I miss here??


Thanks for any help!


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