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Connect native DirectInput (DX 11) to WPF window

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I have game engine based on native C++ and DirectX 11 and work as separate process (.exe)

On the other side I have WPF application which communicate with engine via socket. On the start I create a WPF window and send HWND and HInstance to my engine.

D3D11 output rendered image to my WPF window without problems, but DirectInput doesn`t work at all.

I want to know what I am doing wrong? How to link WPF window to native DirectInput considering my situation? Need I create any events on WPF side or something else?

I know that in my WinAPI window I don`t use any window events to make DirectInput work, but have no idea how to make work it with WPF window.

Please, help me to solve this problem!


I find out that DirectInput8 function failed to initialize DI and return E_INVALIDARG. I think that this is because of invalid hInstance, but I think I receive correct hInstance:

IntPtr hInstance = Marshal.GetHINSTANCE(GetType().Module);

Is this correct for WPF? Does anyone knows?


And in my parser I do the following:

unsigned int hInstance;
hInstance = atoi(str); //str -  hinstance in char* format
inst = (HINSTANCE)(void*)hInstance;

and then pass result to DirectInput.

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