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Stavros Dimou

External Terrain Editor compatible with Unity ?

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I'd like to ask if somebody knows of a Terrain Editor tool that is compatible with the Unity Engine.

Unfortunately,Unity's own terrain editor tool isn't that good.

Specifically,the problem I have with it has to do with the way texture painting works on it,the minimum brush size it supports is still too large for the details I want to paint. No matter how large I make the world and scale the 'character controller' object,the minimum brush size seems to translate to an area that is multiple times the height of the character controller. Let alone the fact that from about a magnitude of 4 points and under the brush doesn't paint.That of course is a problem if you want to let's say paint a narrow path of dirt in a forest.

I've browsed Unity's Asset Store but couldn't find an alternative. I also made a thread on Unity's official forums but still didn't got a helpful response.

So I was wandering if anybody knows of a tool that will allow me to create hand-made terrains (not interested in randomly generated ones) and then import them on Unity with geometry and textures.

I already have a project in the work,and I had decided to first add scripts to it so I can test gameplay ideas,to make a 'prototype' of what the game will be,and I planned to leave level designing for later,after I had a concrete idea of how the game will work.

But since I started level / environment designing I discovered this problem,and now my project is on a halt,and I haven't done anything for like 5 days (!) in it,and I actually feel bad about it. :( Not doing anything for so long.

And I think that scrapping what I have done until now would be a bad idea.

Please tell me if you know some software that could solve my problem and allow me to paint detailed terrains that will work on Unity.


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There is one I was thinking of buying... I think it was on steam I'll just see if I can find a link.


alternatively a modelling program may be feasable.

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