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cloud server vs dedicated server

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Deek880    126

Can anybody recommend a remote cloud server or dedicated server for a win32  game application?. I need a static IP obviously, and expect that I will need to serve up data on about 100 different ports within a year.


I would prefer a server that has a physical location outside of the US for legal reasons. Currently have no active players so I don't need something really expensive.


In my local area the cable company wants a three year contract for a business internet service with a static IP and I may be moving in the next two months so the idea of a cloud or dedicated server looks like the way to bet started.



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hplus0603    11347
Amazon has data centers in Europe and Asia.

If you're going to do gambling, the US may cut you off within the US even if your server is outside the US.
If the reason for your "legal reasons" is gambling, then you're probably better off collaborating with an established provider, such as

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