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One Simple Question on the legacy .X format

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AnimationSet {

 Animation {

  AnimationKey {
   4; #DWORD keyType;
   2; #DWORD nKeys;
   # array TimedFloatKeys keys[nKeys];

  { Scene_Root }

For the  { Scene_Root }  node, the reference manual doesn't mention about

this node. What does this node refer to?


From the doc,

Contains animations referencing a previous frame. It should contain one reference to a frame and at least one set of AnimationKey templates. It also can contain an AnimationOptions data object.


Why does animations refer to a previous frame?



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Hello This may help. Link its down near the bottom of the page.


the scene root contains all the frames.


The animation contains the frame the animation data is to be apply to not previous frame.


And here on GameDev

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Ps: legacy depends on your goals in my opinion (exporters are still fine, including binormals/ tangents and multi textures). On the other hand the exporters for example for max, might not deliver 100% of what you need.

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