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Die Already - Ludum Dare 28 game entry

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Die Already
Torture platformer - outrun death and rack up high score! Unlock special power-ups along the way! Warning! Rage inducing gameplay! 
Plays great with xbox360 usb controller (other controllers not tested yet) or keyboard. 
WASD or left stick - Run 
Space (A on controller) - Jump 
J (X on controller)- Spin attack (if unlocked) 
K (B on controller)- Knife throw (if unlocked) 
L (Y on controller)- Bomb throw (if unlocked) 
Created by: 
Jesse Etzler (Art & Level Design) -
Special Thanks to: 
Azakeen (Random Stuff) 
Daniel Silveira (Rigging & Animations) - 
Dookie-Boy (Reaper Voice)
Check out the Game and Download here.

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