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Android adb can't 'see' my device

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hopefully somebody here can help me, my problem I was debugging my app via usb (it was working fine at this point) when my phone became disconnected. From that point on eclipse/adb was never able to 'see' my device.

Things i have tried:

  • Countless restarts(of pc and device)
  • Re-installing/updating my phone's drivers
  • restarting the adb server
  • reinstalling android sdk

Does anyone have any suggestions?


(and yes my phone has usb debugging enabled)


Thanks in advance!





hmm... It might be something to do with my phone, I tried another android device an adb could see that device.



It seems other computers are able to detect my device. this just makes the problem even more curious as it isn't the phone that's wrong.


Also I have noticed sometimes when I plug my phone into my development computer windows tells me "device is not recognised". but not all the time (and yes I can see it in device manager)

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This may sound weird, but have you tried pulling the battery? Same thing happened to me and the thing that finally fixed it was pulling the battery on the phone for a few seconds^^;


Im using an xperia s... Cant pull battery out (its mounted in) :/ (ive also tried hard resetting my phone)

Thanks anyway

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You didn't perhaps plug into the ethernet port? ;)


Seriously, that sounds fubar. Did you try another usb cable? Maybe it's just broken.

hahaha, no, I do that ALL the time (usb's and Ethernets shouldn't be the same width imo).


pretty much is, I thought I could be usb cable, but i am using the same cable with the other phone and that works :/

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