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Kabo (3D Platformer)

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Hi everyone! I am student and also in my free time indie game developer smile.png
Now I am working on project called Kabo. It is actually the main person name.
Kabo is a 3D Platformer. I decided to make platformer because Im a fan of Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot.

The main feature of this game is that levels have no start of finish. It is open maps, where you must complete challenges/quests.
Waiting for opinions smile.png
There is first gameplay videos:

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Hey, Thanks! I use blender and unity3d smile.png
I am also fan of 3d platformers. When i played 3d platformers in my childhood, i always said- wow, i like it, thats good, The person who created this is genious, I want to have my own platformer, so people would also played and same words say about my game biggrin.png
But actually my game is not very good, animations and some models sucks, I think I haven't got any experience in game developement, so I am just learning ant trying something.

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