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RPG feedback/advice

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Im making a simple Javascript based rpg.

I need feedback on what to improve, in terms of stuff that already works but can be done better.

Currently the game is at a beginning stage, its just the basics that work.

I added the game as attachment.

Suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Problems I know of:

- not stable, afaik only runs on Internet Explorer windows 7.

- game is mostly unfinished, but basic stuff should work

- very annoying voice , I just added it for fun


Stuff that will be added in future:

- compatibility for other browesers

- choosing abilities when leveling up

- choose a class (i.e. Wizard or barbarian)

- dificulty levels

- quests

- more enemies items weapons etc.


What can I do to improve it ?


edit:fixed game upload , should work now

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Here are the obvious improvements:

  • Cross-browser compatibility - why only IE7? That's not even a modern browser.
  • Finish the game.
  • Remove/replace anything annoying, like annoying voices.

Have you considered developing in HTML5 or FlashPunk? Why did you select javascript?

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Your game is way too unfinished to have a good opinion on it. Apart from finish it and resolve the problem you already know, I don't really know how can we help you. And same as always, what do you want to achieve, what is the level of quality you are searching for? It's better to ask for a specific question than just "That's my game, how is it?". The only thing I can say is : "Well, it's a start."

Anyway, there are some advices I can think of :

- Some introduction could be good. For exemple a little text explaining a little a story : You are an adventurer on the land of Groudnaskjh, gold, fame and princesses will be yours!
- The player need a goal. For exemple : reaching some point in the map. On an encounter the player can find some indications on where to go. (The thief dropped an old map wth a mark on the north")
- The player need more informations and feedback. I'm attacking the thief, but does it works? Is he hurt? If you don't want to give number, give some text. "The thief looks very hurt".

- Annoying voice is annoying and speak too much.

- Annoying voice is annoying and speak too much (yeah, I said it two times. Because it's worth it.)

Good luck.

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I don't have audio on my machine right now, but the game appeared to run fine in Chrome latest/windows. 


The text, especially during a fight is burdensome.  It keeps accumulating very similar messages.  Take advantage of symbols such as a player being hit, with 6 for the skeleton damaging you, a monster being hit, with a 60 for dealing damage to the skeleton.  Also, The latest message should have some kind of identification that fades out so we know a new message from an older one.  User more Symbols in the game.  Check out FontAwesome for web safe font additions that will quickly enhance the look and feel of your game, and carry all sorts of potential game symbols.  - Include a time stamp with the messages so we know when new messages show up could be a fast hack to improve readability.  Only Hour/Minute/Second


Most successful games tell the players in multiple ways, about what is happeneing in the game.  When the player gets hit, the hit points should flash red, with a -# above it fading out, emphasizing that they are taking damage.  They need to see this and easily understand it without having to read a lot of text.  


As Navezof said, a story.  Particularly as a text game, you have the opportunity to make the player see a compelling story in the game.  Either you need to work on how this gets woven in, or work on avoiding it and make the stats and customizations of the character more important/stand out.  Pick one or the other.  Fast levelers won't care for the story, and the the more text will only make them read less.  Story goers will want less of the mundane messages to show up in the story of their character.  


Something you could do is split the display text.  The lower window shows everything you do, type, etc.  A higher window only shows pivotal plot movement and character development.  Make the game interesting.  

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A window to show us the active elements of a room.  For instance is there a monster?  are there things to pick up?  etc...  You have a unique opportunity to add useful visuals, even it they aren't great/extensive.


While fighting a skeleton, I had no idea a second skeleton was in the fight, and I saw that I had defeated the first skeleton and thought it was over.


The fight did not move me.  What you could do, is have a smaller directional screen, showing icons that stand out about the directions you are going to move.  Such as a Chest for rewards, a monster for monsters, etc..   Then the player will feel more purpose behind clicking a particular direction.  Right now, choosing one or the other held no value, they were just directions. 

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