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Himanshu Mittal

C++, Graphics, Game Programming, Where do I start?

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I'm currently a computer science student at a university, and have completed more than 85% of our computer science undergraduate program. We use C++/java in most of our programming classes, but all we create are various console/terminal text based programs.

I want to try and start making a few simple (2D) games in C++, but I have no idea where to begin with anything related to GUI's or graphics. I've already made a few simple games with lua but I'm not really sure how to make C++ output anything other than text.

Do you recommend any books, websites, or libraries to get started? I don't need a tutorial on "how to program in C++", I need a tutorial on "C++ Programmers who want to begin programming games".


Also, I'm really looking to make a very simple game, nothing too fancy, for a start and want to make my career in game programming.

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DefCom    270


Possibly/Probably an outdated method, but i started by just creating a win32 project and just used the GDI. Not a great method for creating games, but I learned a lot about programming before i moved onto DirectX.


Worth pointing out this was around 14 years ago, but i did use the GDI methods to teach some basic 3D programming just a few years ago.

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Irlan    4067
Mathematics + Implementation
Object Oriented Programming
Effective/More Effective C++
A little about Graphics (to not get lost)
Build a small game using your creativity not your skills and keeping the code simple as possible.
Also choose a library of your taste (SFML, SDL, etc.)

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ngoaho91    257

you need a graphics engine, these are some

- cocos2d-x

- sfml

or these if you need a wide-range framework, not only graphics

- open framework

- cinder

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