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A Completely guild focused MMORPG

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Hello there everybody, i hope you are having a very nice Christmas or had a nice Christmas or any other religious holiday you celebrate.


I  had an idea while playing a number of MMO's lately, spiral knights, realm of the mad god and watching game of thrones and it all sparked one rather interesting idea I believe. 


My idea is a 8bit or 16 bit MMO/single player RPG that is focused around  guilds. In the beginning of the game you will create your house, after that you can choose if you would like to join a guild or form your own. A guild will be named after your house and other people can join your guild and fly your houses banners, wear your colors but wear their own house emblems (im not all too sure on this concept). The leveling process will be single player, getting materials will be single player but the multi-player experiences will be in instance forum. 


-GH(Guild Halls)

>>In the single player game there will be major city's that will have GH, when you step inside the doors you will be put into your guilds instance, every one in your guild may step into the same instance (up to 40 or so, if you and your friends are in a big guild you can join a different instance with them) 


>> Your guild starts out with a small guild hall, almost like a shack. You can pay gold to have your guild hall upgraded but you will also need the resources it requires that you can obtain through the auction house or single player farming. The guild hall will have profession stations (i.e. smiting, tailoring ect.) and higher level you will get bonuses like 5 percent less resources and it gets larger.


>>You can decorate your guild and have a throne 



-Professions and obtaining new equipment


>>You can not get new equipment off of drops from creatures, you can however get gold and treasure off of the humanoid creatures and you can sell the treasure for decent amounts of gold at city's.


>>All armor (except for starting armor) Will be crafted by players and they will have the chance to sell it on the auction house. You can also take the armor off the enemies you kill in Arenas (the dead will not loose the armor)


>>Higher the level of your profession they better armor you can make.


>>Guilds can promote a blacksmith, tailor and other crafting professions to master X(insert profession) and he will get crafting bonuses



-Arenas and guild champion


>>Guilds can select guild champions by the Lord of the guild setting up championships and any one who wishes to be the guild champion will join in the tournament. 


>>There will be several arena settings, Guild 30v30(ranked), House vs House (1v1 ranked), Guild Champion (Ranked), and 10 v 10 (This could be random people queuing up or groups queuing up,  there is no rank for 10v10)



If you have any criticism about my idea please let me know, and if you would like to help me actually create this game please let me know.



Happy Holidays,



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I played Guild Wars when it first game out for a little while and I actually felt pretty alone in that game. I think MMO's really need to force the social aspect way more than they currently do.



I like your idea Spencer. I'm a huge fan of crafting everything with materials that you gather.


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The leveling process will be single player, getting materials will be single player but the multi-player experiences will be in instance forum.


That's a lot of focus on single player for a "completely guild focused" MMORPG.


I also read some ideas about crafting items, seems to me most RPG's already do that, so let's focus on what your game does different first,

after that you can always choose to implement conventional RPG-mechanics if you think they go well with game.

(instead of making an RPG and trying to fit a guild in it)

One thing to consider is leadership.

This may seem like a no-brainer, someone makes a guild, he/she controls it,

and sure, it works for some,
but in reality it is an absence of game mechanics to do it well and players manage(or not and quit) to find something/someone workable
(they find a person they don't mind calling the shots, mainly because he/she won't call the shots any chance he/she gets)


In doomlord(browserbased game,.easy to try out) they had a reasonable guild system,

players would have 2 "votes" they could use for some decisions.

One of the decisions was what to build next for the guild, 3 votes were needed to make such a decision.

At the same time, a player could "lend" out one of his/her votes to another player and that other player could thereby make the decision.


In a bigger guild i would put some kind of semi-democratic system to govern it

(something fully dictatorial may work as well, as long as players have an easy time to switch to another guild)

but before making something up, you need to determine what decisions need to be made

(chances are you want one person to make one type of decisions, another person another type)

and how they impact the guild and the individual player.


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Is there an MMO out there where every gear/weapon is crafted? Most I've played do allow you to do this, but often times they are less powerful than the epic drop you get from killing a boss. I would more like to see an MMO where no weapons or gear drops from mobs AT ALL. Where the only thing that drops are the materials to craft the items. 


I've been a guild leader a couple times in WoW and I was shocked by the lack of tools/stats. I find there is also a hard balance between asking members to help the guild out and what's in it for them. It's easy to say that your herb gathers should just get mats for potions for everyone because it helps the guild and possibly them at getting better loot in raids, but it's another thing to actually have people do that. WoW sort of went the other route in having a perk where whatever money players get a certain % went into the guild bank which a good amount of guilds would then use that money to buy potions (also repairs). I think this was stupid. I think it's too mindless and a nice middle ground can be had.


I would like to see something along the lines of guild only materials. Materials that get automatically added to the guild vault that cannot be sold in any way, but is there for crafting guild stuff. ie. when a member of your guild gathers a herb, they get the herb as usual but the same herb is added to the guild vault as well, but again, you can't sell it, only use it for crafting or dispose of it. This way the people still need to do their professions and it then matters that they still have these professions (in WoW it ended up not really mattering when you could just buy good enough potions because you had 200+ people in your guild and were getting a ton of cash from perks), but the person doesn't have to give up all their work to the guild. They get their mats to use/sell and the guild gets it's mats for crafting stuff. The amount could possibly be adjusted based on how many people are in the guild as well. The fewer people you have the more (with a max) you get on each gather. Why do this? To help bring back smaller guilds. WoW guilds of 50+ are a joke. Guilds just aren't meant to be this large and it kills the closeness.


Guild management styles can be so different that it's hard to decide how this should work. I think you'd have to have many features and styles and let the guild master decide on how they want to run it.


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Doomlord also has a system, where spending your SE(currency for upping stats) on buildings for your guild your luck-skill would go up.


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