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multiple render targets with different blending op

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I want to render to 2 render targets at the same time

the first RenderTarget will have this blending op:      ValueAlredyInPixel*NewValue + NewValue

the second RenderTarget will have this blending op: ValueAlredyInPixel + NewValue

The documentation in how to create a blend state is telling me that i can't do this kind of different blendings OP on different render targets, can I?


Now when rendering to the second render target I will always set NewValue to 1

So you will think that I could just use the blending OP used in the first render target because:

(ValueAlredyInPixel*1.0f+ 1.0f) = (ValueAlredyInPixel + 1.0f)

but the problem is that the format of the second render target is 8 UNORM per pixel, so to render NewValue=1(in 8 bit UNORM format)=0.00392f(in 32 bit FLOAT format) I will have to render:

(ValueAlredyInPixel*0.00392f+ *0.00392f) .....................  0.00392f = 1/255 


Will this 0.00392f value be tranformed to 1 before the blending operation takes place?


So will ValueAlredyInPixel*NewValue + NewValue work in the second render target?

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