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Quad Interpolation..

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Ok, the problem is that I''m trying to find any point on the quad and can''t get it working. I got a simple terrain, consisting of quads, and each quad vertice is binded to heightfield value, e.g 5 or else. Height is y axis. So, if I got each square of same initial size e.g. 16 units x 16 units, how do I find any point within initial square projected up on modified quadriliteral? i.e : Got initial square 0,16 16,16 . 7,9 0,0 16,0 I need to project point 7,9 up on polygon to get its height. How do I do that? Please help. Thanks.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
What are you using this for?

The reason Im asking is that this type of calculation can have a very high error percentage if used incorretly. A former programmer here had the brillant, yeah right, idea to project a 2d car simulation onto the 3d surface of the road in the racing game he was lead on. Yeah it worked great for flat roads but as soon as you got onto anything that a bank in it, the car would bounce and pop around like it was on crack.

On a side note:
This poorly written game went to market and was reasonably successful.

Regardless of potential problems, the math is simple ratios.

In your example..

The hieght of 7,9 in the 0 to 16 square grid would be..

length_ratio = (7-0)/(16-0) // how far along in this grid are we.
width_ratio = (9-0)/(16-0) // how far along in this grid are we.

// now to figure out the inbetween line for length.

heightAt7_0 = ( heightAt16_0 - heightAt0_0 ) * length_ratio;
heightAt7_16 = ( heightAt16_16 - heightAt0_16 ) * length_ratio;

// now for the width and our final height

heightAt7_9 = ( heightAt7_16 - heightAt7_0 ) * width_ratio;

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