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PhysX - PxRigidDynamic clip through other actors (CCD enabled)

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My PxRigidDynamic actors intersect with other actors and I can't figure out why. There are still collisions between them, but the rigid dynamic slightly clips through them and is 'pushed' back. Here's a video of it ingame/in the PVD:


The box is a PxRigidDynamic actor.

The player is a PxCapsuleController.

All other actors are PxRigidStatic.


Having CCD disabled or enabled seems to make no difference. (CCD should only affect high-velocity objects anyway, so I doubt that's the cause here)


The collisions between the controller and the static actors are fine, so I don't see why the rigid dynamic would behave any differently.


I'm using PhysX-3.3.0_Beta-2 (16402319)

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