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Need help with spring constraint

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Hi. I'm trying to implement a spring/elastic constraint into a game and am having trouble getting a certain part to work. Right now, 'Part B' (Pb) is attached to 'Part A' (Pa), and it works fine. The problem is that when Part B is moved, Part A does not move. I've tried applying an equal and opposite force on to Part A but that causes them both to fly off and go crazy at a high speed, so I guessed that was wrong.


Here's the code I have so far: (It's in lua, but is self-explanatory) 

k = 64
b = 0.1
length = 10

dist = (Pa.Position - Pb.Position).Magnitude
unit = (Pa.Position - Pb.Position).Unit
force = (dist - length) * k
resist = Pb.Velocity * b * Pb:GetMass()
vector = (force * unit) - resist

applyForce(Pb, vector)

Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but Idk where else I could. Thanks

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The code strikes me as strangely asymmetric. The `resist' term should probably depend on the difference of the velocities of Pb and Pa, not just the velocity of Pb. Also, I would either not mention the mass of Pb or I would use something like the sum of the masses of Pb and Pa. And you should definitely apply the opposite force to Pa.

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