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the mole

Frontend technolgy advice for browser game

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Hey there,


over Christmas I played a game my brother was telling me about all the time.

The game idea was pretty good, but one thing was always bugging me: You have to do all the work, the game does not allow you to automate things. So I thought about building my own game, which would then be more manager-like smile.png


The game should run in modern browsers (in most of them, not necessarily in all of them ;))

It also should be later on very easy to port the game to Android.


Therefore I thought about the overall architecture to be something like this (typical client/server architecture):

  • A "backend" implemented in Java exposing some ReST resources 
  • A "frontend" using some magic ui technology to use the ReST resources and render them appropriately


I have a pretty good understanding of how the "backend" should look like.

But I have no idea what kind of UI technology I should use.


So the "frontend" technology is just for rendering the game state. 

It should also allow to change the game state (e.g. buy/sell/interact).


I did some research and thought about using Unity.

But I do not know if Unity can address ReST resources and can be used in that way.


I also looked at phaser (http://www.photonstorm.com/phaser/tutorial-making-your-first-phaser-game), which looks pretty good.


The requirements for the "frontend technology" are:

  • ReST resources can be used
  • should only render the game state and trigger changes
  • flash is not an option
  • Must not support 3D, 2D support is sufficient


Can you give me some input on this?

What would be a good choice for a "frontend" technology.


If you need more information, please let me know, I am happy to give you more input.


- the mole



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Im not quite sure what "support" you want for your RESTful service,

actually you'll just deliver the data in JSON and query it via javascript ajax calls and do what ever you want with it,

there is no framework or engine that knows how to interpret your REST interface.



What would be a good choice for a "frontend" technology.


So to answer your question, I would suggest using the only appropriate/available technology.

  • HTML for layout
  • JavaScript for interaction

If you need advanced 2D animations you could use a 2D engine like "construct 2" utilizing the canvas element.

Otherwise use gif images and transform the html with javascript.

Good libraries for DOM manipulation, interaction and basic animations are jQuery/jQueryUI, YUI and countless others.

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Hey LJ,


that answers my question and eliminates any doubts.


Thanks and have a happy new year.

- The Mole

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