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Needing some documents to learn game making.

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Bingel    102

Hi everyone ! I am a beginner ! I really want to make game but I don't know how to do it. I don't know about C language, drawing. I only know about Pascal language. Could you give me some documents to learn ? Thank you very much ! Sorry for my poor English !

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Vortez    2714

Please don't write in caps and with a font size of 1000... it's anoying.


Anyway, you have to be more specific than that. Are you planning to use OpenGL or DirectX? Do you want to make games for windows or for tablets?

Do you want to write all the code yourself or use an engine? Your question is way too vague for properly answering it.


If you wanna try opengl, have a look at nehe, it's a bit outdated but still a very good ressource for beginners.

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minibutmany    1998

I don't know about C language


Ok, well let's help you learn.

This website has a few tutorials as well as an interactive coding window.


As for libraries, in addition to those mentioned above, you may want to look at SDL.


BUT you don't necessarily have to switch away from pascal.

I found this port of the Allegro library to pascal.

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