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Help needed on Curious 'HeapValidate' error

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I have a piece of code that wraps expat (an XML parser) to help me collect the attributes and configure the objects involved. However at one point in my code I get a very unexpected error. I have ben probing around for 2 days trying to work it out but it makes no sense to me. The MS debug code traps an error on this line(heapchk.c) if (!HeapValidate(_crtheap, 0, NULL)) the last line of my code to execute is
CXMLObject* Object = CFactory<std::string, CXMLObject>::GetInstance().Create(a_Element);
if (Object == 0)

CKeypair Pairs; //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<There

for (int i = 0; a_Attributes[i]; i += 2) 
	Pairs.Insert(std::string(a_Attributes[i]), std::string(a_Attributes[i + 1]));
Now, you''d probably ask, whats that Keypair class doing in it''s constructor maybe? Well I didn''t define one. The only thing the class does I guess is initialise it''s only member variable. std::map m_Pairs; I have plenty of ram, so what would this not be working? All thoughts\idea''s appreciated. Many thanks Chris Brodie http:\\fourth.flipcode.com

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Is it possible that this call :

CXMLObject* Object = CFactory::GetInstance().Create(a_Element);

Is corrupting the heap, and the compiler only notice on its next heap check, which happens to be on memory allocation for your CKeyPairs object?


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