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A very annoying syntax Error and isn't an error.

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C:\Users\Rosario\Desktop\Converge 8.0\Projects\OpenGL\main.cpp|278|error: expected primary-expression before ',' token|

This error comes after using this function:

      //  char buffer[256];
     //   sprintf(buffer,"Collision: ",true);
    //    drawText(SCREEN_WIDTH/2,SCREEN_HEIGHT/2,buffer,1,1,1,1);

Now, I've looked through the function and everything seems in order. I might be missing something....Here's the function definition for your viewing pleasure:

bool EntityManager::checkCollisionBoundingBox(Entity* ent1, Entity* ent2)
    bool ret = false;
    Entities::iterator first;
    Entities::iterator second;

    Rectangle* rA = new Rectangle();
    Rectangle* rB = new Rectangle();

    first = mEntites.begin();
    while(first != mEntites.end())
        ent1 = (*first);
            second = mEntites.begin();
            while(second != mEntites.end())
                ent2 = (*second);
                if(ent2->isVisible() && ent1 != ent2)
                    // set the first rect.
                    rA->setLeft(ent1->getRectangle()->getLeft() + ent1->getXpos());
                    rA->setTop(ent1->getRectangle()->getTop() + ent1->getYpos());
                    rA->setRight(ent1->getRectangle()->getRight() + ent1->getRectangle()->getWidth() + ent1->getXpos() * ent1->getScale().getX());
                    rA->setBottom(ent1->getRectangle()->getBottom() + ent1->getRectangle()->getLength() + ent1->getYpos() * ent1->getScale().getY());

                    // set the second;
                    rB->setLeft(ent2->getRectangle()->getLeft() + ent2->getXpos());
                    rB->setTop(ent2->getRectangle()->getTop() + ent2->getYpos());
                    rB->setRight(ent2->getRectangle()->getRight() + ent2->getRectangle()->getWidth() + ent2->getXpos() * ent2->getScale().getX());
                    rB->setBottom(ent2->getRectangle()->getBottom() + ent2->getRectangle()->getLength() + ent2->getYpos() * ent2->getScale().getY());

                    if (rA->isInside( rB->getLeft(), rB->getTop() ) ||
                        rA->isInside( rB->getRight(), rB->getTop() ) ||
                        rA->isInside( rB->getLeft(), rB->getBottom() ) ||
                        rA->isInside( rB->getRight(), rB->getBottom() ))
                            ret = true;
    delete rA;
    delete rB;
    return ret;

Now sure if there's a syntax error in the function it self or not. I'm using code:blocks 12.11 with the  GNU GCC compiler. Please let me know what I did wrong, chances are.....I did something wrong.

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Is Ball a type? Ball sounds like something that might be a type, and thus the compiler won't want to treat it as an expression when you try to pass it as an argument to checkCollisionBoundingBox.


Or another possible scenario: is Ball a macro? If so, maybe the macro expands into something that isn't an expression, and the compiler is getting tripped up by it.

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