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Ghostmoths new game "Stunt Truck Racing"

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Hey All

           Check out our new game!




Stunt Truck Racing blasts into the air with a fresh take on physics based racing. It's all about high speeds, big air tricks, and plenty of panel busting crashes. Can you build the ultimate racer and become a stunt champion?
- Beat the clock as you race from checkpoint to checkpoint.
?- Car damage
- send panels flying as you crash into the ground. Don't lose too many or the car will explode!?
- 11 Racers to mod in 3 size classes, all the way from Golf Carts to SUVs.
?- Stunt system: perform wheelies and mid air tricks to get extra coins.
?- Upgrade engine performance, wheel grip and handling.?
- Customisable wheels and panel kits
- ride in style.?
- Race through forests, snowy mountains, deserts and cities.
?- Choose your driver from a list of crazy racers.
?- Realistic engine sound system.

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