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Creating one lib out of many?

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What I want do is to basically make several static libraries act like one single lib. Is there any way of compiling many libs into one. I''m working with MSVC++6.0. The main reason for this question is that I want to compile many libs into a single DLL. In my current engine I have for example a light-lib (handles all the lightening-related stuff - this lib has some inheritance from another lib like Core.lib for example). The reason for having them separated in different libs is that engine-parts will have less coupling between them and then I can reuse the different parts of the engine in smaller projects. Now - I''m about to take the step into DLL''s here and I''m just wondering if there is any way of compiling all these libraries into a single DLL, or do I have to reconstruct my engine so that all the different libs are cpp- and h-files under a single lib-project? Would very much like an answer to this question, so if anyone have the time to answer it...I''d be most thankful. /Richard

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A dll is compiled seperately so it is possible to use different versions of your .lib in your dll and .exe project. (Ie. version conflict)

What you compile and link in the dll is only visible inside the dll.

If your .exe don''t use any functions from the lib, then there is no need to link against it.

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