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Death-A-Lot    107
Happy New Year to you all.

With it being a New Year I have decided that I want to re-focus on learning a programming language.

I am torn between Java and C++, I have learnt a bit in both languages but my knowledge isn't complete.

I have done a bit of python also in the past.

I always tend to drop of my learning because I either get bored, find it hard or question wether the choice of language is right for game development.

So I have decided that I wish to start again, this time learning C++ (may be a harder language to learn but I believe it's best for game development). So I am looking for the best tutorials to learn from.

Ideally it should tick the following points.....

1. Not be too technical.
2. Preferably be a Video Series, though written format with video backups would be good.
3. Making something as I go.
4. Be relatively recent.

Points 3 and 4 are my main wants. I need to learn by doing and have something I can run and say I made that. Amd it needs to be recent so I dont stumble om changes to the language.

Any other tips and tricks or resources that a budding c++ developer should know about would also be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Nathan2222_old    395
Well, i use the programming principles and practice using c++ pdf (2009) and the cplusplus pdf (2007). They are old though. For point 3, you could use the beginning c++ through game programming (i think that pdf has some faults because i tried the tic tac toe game and it didn't work).

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Godmil    748

There was a post here a month ago called something like Arkanoid in 160 lines of c++11, which was a video that may tick a few boxes.


you'll always have doubts about your language choice because there is always another language that does something cool that'll you'll want to do, but if you just stick with something you'll be fine, programming skills are transferable.

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CaseyHardman    2765

In my opinion, the language you choose should be more about what you want to do right now than it is about 'what the best language is'.


If you want to make your game quickly, you might want to go for something like C# or UnityScript, so that you can use Unity to make your game, or UnrealScript to use the UDK to make your game, or the Game Maker Language to use Game Maker to make your game, and so on.


If you just want to get really good at game programming and get a career in it, and don't have your own game projects that you'd like to work on, then going with C++ like you are might not be a bad idea.  However, if you're interested in getting out there and making your games with less hassle, then it might not be the best option.


Keeping that in mind, it's always great to get out there and start learning.  Don't think about the language too too much, or you'll just sit around never learning how to actually program, and like Godmil said, programming skills are transferable to other languages.

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minibutmany    1998

3. Making something as I go. This sounds like "fly by the seat of my pants", kind of thing.  This seems like a path to spaghetti coding habits which is a dead end.


Coding is kind of like painting in this way. If you keep painting layers upon layers on to a painting, trying to make it better, it will usually end up a big mushy mess.

If you keep writing code into the same project, it will lose all structure.


After you feel confident in the syntax of c++, take a look at Code Complete. The first few chapters are about designing object oriented programs. 

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