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Laurent Lechat

Planet Centauri - 2D Rpg/Sandbox - private beta available on Steam!

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(I change profil now for PlanetCentauri)


link Reddit game and i create today Steam group (EN or FR)








And Good news for all architects/Builders ! 

the engine accept now :

- slopes
- rotation 90 degree
- template
- change dynamically the colors of tile
- all blocks can be a wall tiles (darker visual)
- take a big screenshoot (whatever size you want) without dezoom (no loose picture quality)
and much features later ! 







This is a first test for a picture with and without Slopes (right) the background is not present, it is normal don't worry. 

(too large picture for preview)

Edited by Planetcentauri

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Damn this topic is outdated


so, since mars i have, off course, somes news



Somes sprites/animations (we have create 30+ Monsters and 600+ objects ) 














This is just a quick test for background beach with sea 













update old video (quality and add music) 








A new video 


Cycle day/night (first test) 






We have technology 





Evolution of my GUI test




And somes illustrations marketing for game 




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Sorry for not being here to give you news before, I had 300 things to do, my bad


The trailer of the game is finally available, we also began a greenlight and Indiegogo and they succeeded, in 9 days, to reach 68% of the targets on Indiegogo and 88% of the top 100 on greenlight !


This is a really great news for us, we hope that this will continue and I remain at your disposal if you have any questions



 trailer, indiegogo and greenlight link :













Thanks you!

Edited by Planetcentauri

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I have to say, the graphics look absolutely fantastic! Very well done!


Keep posting any new updates and keep everyone in the loop!


Good luck!


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The topic has been totally redone so i invite you to return to the first page to discover all the news!

Thank you everyone! 


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It has been a while we didn’t review the game’s situation, so here is a big summary.

The game is actually in v0.4 and from now until Friday, if everything goes right, a new patch will be coming with a REAL tutorial, and the Quest/Game system (Which won’t be perfect for now but pretty much advanced) 

Why did it take so long? Because we also worked on multiplayer in anticipation of the official early access release on Steam, around mid-March/early April! You will soon be able to play with your friends!(v0.5) 

Another good news, we are currently working of the translation of the game, so you will soon have the game in: 

- English 
- French 
- German 
- Portuguese BR 
- Swedish 
- Russian 
- Spanish 
- Simplified Chinese 
- Japanese 
- South Korean 
- Polish 
- Italian 
- Dutch 

And more languages coming next! We will also provide the text files to anyone willing to translate into any language not already present in the game. 

We know we are late, but we didn’t want to give you an empty game, or something that doesn’t run well. Compared to what we predicted, we implemented several features that weren’t expected first on the beta, and optimized the game so it could run on older computers (We still have work to do on that subject, others performance update will be release in a near future!) 

You can find the game’s road map here : 


Also, some news creations!

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