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Alex Hopkins

DirectX 11 Flickering Polygon Edges Problem

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EDIT: Stupidly, my Near plane was set too small (to combat an earlier issue). I do not know how to delete this post however.


I'm following Frank Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX11 and I am seeing an issue with the edges of the polygons on screen. (I'm using Windows SDK, Effects11 and DirectXTK in my solution on Windows 7)

The intersection between the waves and hills (from chapter 8) and the edge of the crate have horrible dancing polygons, almost like Z-Fighting but not. I can't paste all my code but here is a link to a quick video clip demonstrating the effect.


Does any DirectX pro have any insight into why this might be happening or has anybody seen this before?

There is a more obvious effect on this video (ZIPPED)

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What I can think of is you've either set your camera's near-clipping distance too low or you do not clear the depth buffer at the beginning of every frame.


Best post videos to YouTube.

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