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Interstellar Game, Website, Forum

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Hello everyone,


I am in the process of creating a team to work on an independent game titled Interstellar.  The first thing I want to accomplish is a public demo, a short mission, that showcases the art, mechanics, and core elements of the game.  My plan is to use the demo to launch a kickstarter campaign.  I am sure everyone is wondering how am I going to pay people to work on the demo?  I have a limited budget and can afford to pay people something for working on it, but the main source of income for team members will be fundraising through kickstarter and then revenue sharing from game sales-if we make it that far. 


So what is this game?  It is a Sci-Fi, Western, Roguelike-RPG.  Basically you assemble a team of crew members, travel the galaxy, complete missions on a variety of different planets and find out about your crew by engaging in dialouge and discovering their backstory.  There is more to it of course, but that is the gist. 


If you are interested you can contact me at toroman001@gmail.com


Visit the website at http://www.interstellargame.org/


Visit the forum at http://interstellargame.freeforums.net/


I am looking for anyone with experience at building a game, writing, producing sound, etc.  I know how to do a bit of this myself, but I will need help.  Hit me up, email me, introduce yourself on the forums, etc. 


Look forward to meeting you. 

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