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FMOD C# api crash

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I'm trying to implement an interactive music system using FMOD Designer C# api, I used the event system without any problem, but when I try to get music cues it crashes.

    FMOD.RESULT result;
    ERRCHECK(result = eventsystem.getMusicSystem(ref musicSystem));
    ERRCHECK(musicSystem.getCues(ref iter, "myFilter"));     // Crash !!!

Is there anyone master in P/Invoke that can help me to find a solution to this annoying problem?

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Found my solution, I was iterating through a generic List of string containing music cue names to get cue iterator, a List<string> musicCueNames, like this :

ERRCHECK(musicSystem.getCues(ref iter, musicCueNames[i])); // Crash!

I changed it to something like this :

string cueName = musicCueNames[i];
ERRCHECK(musicSystem.getCues(ref iter, cueName)); // Works!

and now everything works properly, but don't know exactly why.

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