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Question about loading 3D maps

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Hey,this may seem like a lame question but i cant find any info on coding a decent 3d map loader out there so forgive my lameness in asking this.... ive been learning opengl in c++ for the past while & ive read alot of tutorials...nehe,etc... but ive only really found one tutorial about coding a map loader for 3d maps & it was just a basic loader....i was wondering does anyone have any advice about what i should do next? keep sticking to "code your own map loader tutorials"? ( if so does anyone have any links to tutorials? except the one on nehe's site hehe) or learn something like BSP's? or even does anyone know any other map loader libraries out there that arent too difficult to use? This sucks - no-ones replying lol I just thought that there might be map loading libraries out there, which load maps that are already tried & tested to save me from: a) coding an efficient map loader & b) coding an app to make the maps with either that or some articles or tutorials on doing the above. thnx in advance anyway, for anyone who does reply Edited by - Scrowubit on October 29, 2001 11:38:12 PM

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For a tutorial and source on how to load Worldcraft .map files, similar to Q3Radiant .map files, go here:

This means you make your map in a nice editor, run it through this app which spits out a nice easy map format for you to load up in your engine. This is what I did, till I wrote my own!!

Hope that was what you were looking for,


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