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Endless Terrain Query

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i am currently working on a game like hill climb racing.
here is the link of what i have made till now: 
here is the terrain making code:
#define MAX_HILL_POINTS 30
CCArray *hillInfoArray;
struct hillStruct : public cocos2d::CCObject {
cocos2d::CCPoint point1;
cocos2d::CCPoint point2;
b2Fixture *fixture;
void CTerrainLayer::generateHillPoints() { 
//create ground
b2BodyDef groundBodyDef;
groundBodyDef.position.Set(0, 0); //bottom-left corner
groundBodyDef.type = b2_staticBody;
groundBody = worldRef->CreateBody(&groundBodyDef);
    CCPoint point1 = ccp(0, 100);
    for(short i = 0; i < MAX_HILL_POINTS; ++i)
        CCPoint point2 = ccp(0, 0);
        hillStruct *hillData = new hillStruct;
        float val = RandomFloat(0, 10);
        point2.x = point1.x + 25.0f;
        point2.y = point1.y + val * cosf(point2.x / 200.0f * b2_pi);
        b2EdgeShape groundShape;
        groundShape.Set(B2VEC_FROM_CCPOINT(point1), B2VEC_FROM_CCPOINT(point2));
        hillData->fixture = groundBody->CreateFixture(&groundShape,0);
       //hill info data
        hillData->point1 = point1;
        hillData->point2 = point2;
        point1 = point2;
hillInfoArray stores all the points of the hill, and as the screen moves new points are created
and points going outside screen gets destroyed at runtime.
i have made the terrain as an b2EdgeShape, i wanted to know how can i wrap my own custom
texture on the hills/ground which have an irregular shape.
Any suggestions Please.

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One way to do this is to fill in as much as possible with large quads and then use a random assortment of small sprites (randomly sized and rotated) to "fill in" the gaps.  You can use a further layer of grass or the like to contour the surface.


Aquaria is one example of a nicely polished indie game that does something like this.

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