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Aleks Le

XnaCollision Frustum rotation problem

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Hello everyone, this is my fist post, sorry if it is in the wrong section.

I am desperate for help, ive been trying to solve this problem for 2 days and its driving me crazy.


I Am working with Directx11 Api, for collisions i am using xnacollisions.h/cpp that can be found in the directxSDK examples;


xnacollisions provide me with all sorts of collision Boxes/spheres, it also allows me to create a Frustum from the camera view.


here is my problem.

(all functions with prefix XNA, are from xnacollisions)

XNAComputeFrustumFromProjection, creates the frustum from the camera values.


i then need to set the origin of the m_camFrustum, which is the position of the camera.


and then i also need to set the orientation of m_camFrustum which is the Quaternion representation of angles.


The camera in this game im working on is based on Euler angles.

and i found ways of converting euler to Quaternion.


The problem is i can not get the angles from my camera. i need to extract them from the matrix..?
another way i was thinking is calculating the angles(x,y,z) from the camera position to the cameraLookAt Position.

as i understand function XMMatrixLookAtLH() calcualtes taht angle and stores it in the cameraMatrix automatically.


How can i get the angles and store them in quaternion representation in order to rotate the frustum accordingly to the camera rotation?

Thanks, and sorry for mistakes if there are any.



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