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question regarding resume

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1) In my resume am I supposed to describe projects that I have created / participated in?

By the way I have made a small website for my portfolio, in which I plan to list the games/applications I have made. Do I need to describe them in the resume as well? If yes, to what degree?


2) This is a sample one I saw to write mine: http://www.nova.edu/career/resources/forms/resume_computer_science.pdf

It lists "experience", but I guess that actually means "work experience", which I do not have, so I did not include that section in mine.


3) This is my resume for far:

Do I need to put more stuff into it?

Minas Mina


[email is here]


Computer Science Student







  • University: University Of Cyprus

  • Major: Computer Science

  • Current GPA: 8.38 (out of 10)

  • Expected graduation: June 2014

  • Languages: Greek, English



  • Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, D, Java

  • Platforms: Android, Play framework, XNA, Box2D, Unity3D, SDL, Haaf's Game Engine, irrklang

  • IDEs: Eclipse, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio

  • Operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Android, Linux (Ubuntu)


Thank you and sorry for my English.

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The info seems alright so far. You are going make it look good in like InDesign right?


Ad1. Yes. As for your portfolio - Im not sure how it's going to look like, but as long as you make it really interesting, vibrant but also clear and professional, I guess it would be a good idea to list it as well.


In my Resume I also had a short paragraph about my interests: 2/3 sentences at the bottom of the page. It made Resume more 'personal'. This way your potential employer would get a sense of what kind of person you really are. Mentioning e.x. a project that you're most proud of, within the interests part could reassure someone who reads it that you're really into what you learned/studied.

Good luck!

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