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EWeed! The marijuana growing game!

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                   - EWeed -

   The desktop marijuana growing game!








- What is it? -

Over the past few weeks, I have been designing and developing a casual desktop game based on creating, growing, and selling strains of weed. I decided I would create this game to be used as a framework for future games of a similar fashon, and it is intended to easily accept new content from developers once the game exits the prototype stage.


Here a few features planned to be in the alpha:

((Development not yet started))((Development in progress))((Implemented in the prototype))


Grow plants based on your 'level', and sell them for money.


Rent equipment to improve growing conditions


Choose between different grow types(i.e. hydroponics/upside down grow/etc.)


Basic loot system


Choose your grow style, which in turn changes what kind of loot can be earned


Participate in online contests against other growers


Create your own strain of weed though a genome system, shaping the DNA and determining the potency and quality of your plant.


Run the game in the background, notifying you when your plants are finish growing.


Specialize as a grower, genetics researcher, or distributor to determine your roll in an online community


Sell your strain to other players, or buy strains to be grown in an online market.


Grow speed based on RAM usage(physical ram). The more programs you are running, the faster your plants will grow(with better quality too!). This game was designed to be played while playing something else.





- Screenshots -
Slide-show style images to emulate plant growth
Prototype version of the genome lab
- Other information -
This is my first game, and it is heavily planned. This is currently a prototype, and the graphics and gui style will change heavily over time as I add the online features. Also, the artwork will change over time as well... but until I finish adding the core mechanics, the windows.forms style will have to do.
Also, I didn't round any decimals on the GUI because it is still very useful for debugging. Also, the drop-down menus will display full file paths instead of just the name of the strain. This is also useful for debugging, and won't be changed until later in development.
This is being programmed in VB.net, using mysql as the dataserver. Framework version 4.5, and all the graphics files are currently stored in the exe file. I realize this is bad practice, and I plan on moving as much code as I can do DLL files. Also, I will be making all graphics external after version 1.0, but for now I will leave everything jammed in the exe for easier distribution.
- What do you need from me? -
I need you to help me find bugs! I don't want to move any deeper into coding the online aspects until I am certain the offline aspects are relatively stable so far. I think this will save me headaches in the long run, and I have provided a few tools in the client to help you help me.
I work on the game every day, for several hours a day, and I felt it would be best to handle bug reports in-game during the prototype/alpha, so I added the "Feedback Menu". It is located in the "Grow Room" tab, and can be used to access debug options and view already submitted reports. This is a very basic system, and as a tester, you will be able to send a report directly onto my screen to be viewed, as well as send a copy to my server.
Also, due to the slow nature of my game, I added the ability to speed up/slow down the game speed as well as add money to the players account. This should make replicating bugs easier, and faster for people that aren't as interested in gameplay.
- Some things to know -
First off, this is a framework as much as it is a game. You may notice a lack of content, but I assure you content IS COMING. But, as I stated, I would like to rest knowing the game is stable thus-far, and won't add more features until I know everything that is already there works correctly. Right now, EWeed uses a combination of saving text files to the harddrive and communication with a MySQL server to store data. It currently stores data in the following folders:
Because of storing data in the C:/ directory, it may need administrator access to run properly. Also, being so early in development(and being made by a novice), it is likely to be very buggy for some users and these folders might need to be created manually. Before asking for help, please check that you are using the latest .Net framework and you are running the program as administrator. If you have questions about gameplay, feel free to ask in this thread or shoot me a pm, as I haven't made an in-game tutorial yet. I did, however, add a small glossary in the grow room to help understand what some of the menu options do.
- Download -
UPDATE - 1/8 - Fixed some bugs with the loot system not creating loot properly, and strains getting averaged with your stash, instead of just being added. Updated download link.
UPDATE - 1/9 - Fixed an error that prevented people from researching 'Ultra Nurple'.
Thank you for taking time to check out my post, if this goes well I will release the source to my framework. Also, I will be updating this thread daily with new builds and dev updates. If you would like to be part of this project, please send me a PM and we can talk about what needs to be done. Also, this game is open to new ideas and anything from marijuana strain names to gameplay ideas are welcome. Criticism is welcome, and I look forward to any/all feedback you guys are willing to give!
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