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OpenGL Questions about level design and format

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I'm doing a 3D tower defense. My levels are simply rooms with paths (without roof) that will be viewed from top / isometric.

Every level have:

  • Target - The target that needs to be protected by the player and destroyed by the enemy.
  • Enemy spawn points - Points where enemy waves will be spawned.
  • Places where player can put the towers / turrets.
  • Other per user defined triggers that are part of the game play.

I'm planning to use blender as a modelling tool.

The levels wont be huge, but will be bigger than the screen area, thus requiring the user to scroll to view the full level (Think of Age of Empires like levels).


I know that blender is pretty flexible on defining user data / triggers / entities, however I'm not sure that the default export format of blender is optimized enough. I need help regarding choosing an already existing format that suits my needs (lets say portal like level, with static geometry and custom entities like the ones described above), that can be exported from blender, OR recommendation on how to design a format that will suits my needs.


Rendering is done using OpenGL. Programming is C++.


I'm not sure this is the right forum section for this question, if I'm wrong, I'd be glad if this thread will be moved to the right section.


Thanks you!

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