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The Quantum Principle (sci-fi rts/rpg in space)

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My name is Tim and I'm making a sci-fi rts/rpg game set in space called 'The Quantum Principle' (http://thequantumprinciple.com)
I put my game on Steam Greenlight as a concept, if you want to take a look go here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=235285518
The Quantum Principle is a topdown rts/rpg hybrid set in space. 
It features action packed gameplay and many ideas that are found in the 4x genre (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) are found in TQP as well. 
During the game, you will meet many factions, some of which you'll fight, others you'll help. 
The game is event and story driven, the ai story generator will look at how you play and at your hidden karma score and activate new events and story arcs accordingly... 
newton based physics model 
a huge and ever changing solar system to play in 
event and story driven game advancement 
level your ship by fighting, discovering, questing … 
upgrade your ship with lots of weapons and systems, that you can unlock each time you level up 
hire and build wingmen, ranging from small drones to fighters and mercenaries 
take care of your economy and industry 
develop your planet and claim other planets by building large stations in orbit 
latest youtube movie:
lastest screens:
thank you!
- Tim
Edited by TimQGS

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If you haven't been following my blog on the thequantumprinciple.com here's a short recap of what has happened in the last weeks:
I've remade the play environment into a true solar system, with planets (with or without moons) rotating around a central sun. Every planet has a chance to have a random amount of resources that will be able to be harvested by building a mining station in orbit, but first you'll need to launch a scanning probe in orbit to detect what the planet holds.
I've completely remade the interface, first of all, to make it use less resources and second, to make it easier to use, before the change, the planet build/development menu was anchored to the planet, so when you flew away you couldn't access it anymore, now it's part of the main interface.
I've made a couple of new drones for the player to build, including an auto cannon and point defence drone.
I made a first player skill for the specialist weapons skill tree, deploy turrets, the player activates the skill and drops 1 to 3 turrets at his current position than engage the enemy for 60 seconds, the skill can be upgraded to deploy more turrets.
I started work on a second player skill for the specialist weapons skill tree, deploy minefield, every 60 seconds the player can drop a magnetic minefield, skill can be upgraded to make the mines do more damage and to lower the cool down.
I also added a second small movie to youtube where I'm shooting crates, showing some cool physics etc.
Probably a couple more things ;) remember to check thequantumprinciple.com to stay up to date!

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a small progress report:

- I've completely finished the missile weapons tree and it is working in the game
- I've completely designed the general upgrades tree and ii is ready to be implemented in the game
- ballistic weapons and specialist weapon skills are about 60% done
- the energy weapon tree is ready on paper and I'll start putting it in game when the other trees are finished
- I've been adding player weapon skills, like deploy ballistic turrets, mines, and I've started with adding extra turrets to deploy (energy, torpedo and missile turrets) and I've designed an anti missile flare skill
- I've started creating the code for sensor drones and scanning planets for life, resources and points of interest
and finally I've been making my game prettier here and there with lights, flares, particles and glowmaps, nothing over the top since I want a constant 60-65 fps :P

and that's this weeks progress report! ;D

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Here is the latest movie for my game (dated 30 january 2014) : 


The movie features a lot of action and showcases the player skills currently implemented and working in the game.
The following skills are used all throughout the movie:

Deploy Ballistic Turrets: level 4, deploys 2 autocannon turrets, 1 auto shotgun turret and a dual gauss cannon turret

Deploy Missile Turrets: level 4, deploys 2 mrm turrets, 1 renegade torpedo turret and a taurus df torpedo turret

Magnetic minefield: level 3, 5 magnetic mines are dropped at your current location doing heavy damage on impact

Nano repair bots: a passive skill, that automatically activates nano repair bots when the player takes damage

Let me know what you think so far and enjoy!

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thanks CJThomas!


here's a progress report:
I started work on the first faction in the game, the pirates, here's a pic
I added new drones to the game, here's another pic ;)
I created a new zoom function, changed the way drones work and attach themselves to the player as wingmen, changed the combat dogfighting code (fighters do barrel rolls now and death spins etc.) and many other things
check out the website to stay up to date!

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another update on the game's progress:


if you have some time to spare and want to support my game than it would be SO VERY COOL if you would like my facebook page!!

A while ago I started on the code for sensor drones and the scanning of planets for resources and interesting features (like life, artifacts, etc…) and last night I finished that part of the code. 

When the player discovers a new planet in the solar system he or she can select it and a small pop up window will activate in the top right corner with the name of the planet and the option to launch a drone and not much in the way of information.

If the player has 25 ore to spare, they can press the 'launch sensor drone' button, and once the drone reaches scanning distance to the planet, it will start scanning, and after a while the amount of resources the planet has will show up. 
When the scanning is complete the drone will deactivate and implode.

Next think I'll do is add a random feature generator to each planet (these will also be discovered after a scan), and after that I'll start working on the option to build stations in orbit of planets the player scanned (military, civilian and mining stations). I might make certain features on the planets require certain orbital stations or maybe a bit of research before they can be used or exploited …

I finally made a logo for the game!!! I had been thinking about what I wanted it to look like, and I always had a sword and a planet in mind, since that's what the game is about after all. So I designed a sci-fi type of sword that would fit a space knight well in my opinion. I made a little planet swoosh symbol ... and voila! A logo is born!

here's the logo

Edited by TimQGS

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Another update!

- planetary anomaly generator is in and works, scan planets and discover a smugglers den or an abandoned colony on the surface, or accidentally activate a homing beacon causing an ancient alien menace to awaken and warp to your solar system …
- orbital development (wip) build stations in orbit to gain bonuses, defenses, resources, …
- new player ship and drones added

here are some screens:

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I've been working hard on improving the ai, especially the movement and reactions of enemy ships. I've made a new ai template and all enemies in the game can now move and fly and strafe in exactly the same way as the player does. It's really exciting seeing an enemy strafe away from incoming bullets smile.png
What else have I been doing?
I've almost finished up the planetary feature generator.
As you might have seen on the front page of the website, I've changed the player ship and the drones.
I've been working hard on the orbital development options (I've got 3 stations almost ready for the player to build in orbit)
And many other things, like creating new enemies, improving missile ai, creating fun special weapons for unique enemy ships, etc.
here are some action screens:
Edited by TimQGS

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I've uploaded a new movie showing an orbital station with its defenders and combat vs an ancient enemy!

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